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About Our Company Limited is a specialist company dedicated to database security services, consultancy and training and especially in the area of Oracle database security. We provide expert consultancy and help for clients worried about the security of their business assets and critical data. We also provide expert training in all areas of securing data in an Oracle database and we also develop and sell currently 5 software products related to helping customers secure data in their Oracle databases with more in development.

Our services and training are best of breed, developed over years of research and real world experience in this field. Our Managing director Pete Finnigan is one of the leaders in the field of database security. Limited is committed to providing the best services possible and also to helping you secure your data and also to help you do it in the most cost effective way. We help you develop easier to maintain systems and also help your DBA staff productivity. This is summarised here:

  • Your costs can be reduced by developing standardised security implementations, this will result in less users, less roles, less privileges, simpler security can save you money.
  • Simpler security is easier to maintain and also to independantly validate
  • Your costs can be reduced by developing standardised security implementations as on-going maintenance, support and much more are simpler and easier to manage.
  • Having a secure database and proper controled RBAC models for all staff can reduce the mistakes made or sucessful attempts to bypass security to do things the "wrong way" in your company. Less downtime, less recoveries, more controlled staff.
  • Having a secure database can make external audits, regulatory audits such as for Sarbanes Oxley, PCI or HIPAA, GLB and more easier for your staff to participate in. Your staff will already be able to show compliance, the audits will be smoother and quicker, there will be little of no rework involved. Using Limited to help you audit and pre-secure your database can save you money. Limited provides a wide variety of services in the Oracle database security areas including:

  • In depth Oracle database IT security health checks. These are manually conducted by world class experts in this field and do not use commercial scanners
  • Expert training in many areas of Oracle security.
  • Data breach and forensics analysis of Oracle databases.
  • Detailed design advice in the areas of database security and also database security architecture reviews