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PFCLCookie - Audit Your Website

PFCLCookie is a tool that can be used to audit a website for Cookies that are used by the website. This includes first party and third party cookies.

This tool was created out of necessity as we had a lot of websites used internally or by our customers that we supported. When the EU Cookie law came about and it was necessary to establish the names and types of cookies on your website before you could add a click system to allow users to accept cookies or not it was necessary to perform some kind of website scan to locate the cookies. We created PFCLCookie to do this:

PFCLCookie Website Scanner

This software is simple to use and it will scan your website. It does not use a headless browser or low level API's as we wanted to ensure that we could see what we visited and if necessary manually interject with the browsing. You can set up the website to scan or sub-domain to scan and also tell it which domain to stay in. There and some parameters in the options screen that allow you to set a random delay betwene page requests, auto-browse, set an agent string and more. The tool allows you to save the results and also allows you to manually click the links it has found to browse. Here is the options screen:

PFCLCookie Options Form

PFCLCookie is available to purchase a license.