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PFCLSFTK - Tool to secure PL/SQL Against Attack

This toolkit is written in PL/SQL and allows the user to create a static firewall between the application code written in PL/SQL and the database layer. If the application is not under your control then this toolkit allows to to effectively fix a vendors code without fixing the vendors code. This is a powerful technique and it is used in such a way that the original application can still be patched and supported but any PL/SQL code security issues fixed.

We intend that this PL/SQL toolkit will be part of the PFCLScan framework and an application will be made to allow GUI access to these tools and features. At present this is a consulting toolkit.

We are pre-release at this stage but if you would like to know more we will be happy to discuss the product with you. See below for contact details.

Like to Purchase, More Details?, Want To Partner?

Please email to enquire about the product; PFCLSEO can also be used as part of a consulting engagement with where we can perform detailed analysis of your website and provide you with detailed reports of issues that may affect your search engine results positioning. Alternately you can purchase a license for PFCLSEO from us. Please email for details.