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Pete Finnigan in the news

Here are news items or articles that mention Pete Finnigan or I have broken them down quite simply here. Just the author, the date and of course a link to the article.

Date Author Article Link
31 Aug 2006 Joris Evers,39044215,39404105,00.htm - (broken link) Oracle's Ellison to take stage at next RSA confab
31 Aug 2006 Joris Evers Oracle's Ellison to strut his stuff at RSA 2007 - banging the security drum, Gates style...
09 Jan 2006 Joris Evers - (broken link) Oracle database worm mutates
01 Nov 2005 Joshua Wright - (broken link) Oracle Worm Proof-of-concept
02 Nov 2005 Joris Evers First worm to hit Oracle databases found
02 Nov 2005 Joris Evers Oracle worm source code made public
01 Nov 2005 Joris Evers Halloween treat for Oracle: A database worm
02 Nov 2005 Bill Brenner,289142,sid14_gci1139179,00.html - (broken link) Voyager worm targets Oracle databases
22 Jul 2005 Lisa Vaas,1895,1840023,00.asp - (broken link) Oracle Confirms Holes in Two Latest Patch Sets
20 Jul 2005 Joris Evers - (broken link) Security experts round on Oracle over unpatched holes
20 Jul 2005 Joris Evers Oracle dragging heels on unfixed flaws, researcher says
15 Jul 2005 Not Known - (broken link) Verwirrung um Oracle-Patches
13 Jul 2005 Shawna McAlearney Oracle issues patches, but misses the mark, again
30 May 2005 Lisa Vaas,1759,1821297,00.asp - (broken link) Oracle Bug Database Susceptible to 'Metalink Hacking
13 Apr 2005 Shawna McAlearney Oracle releases patches, but not for many known flaws
19 Jan 2005 Michael Singer - (broken link) Oracle Issues Risk Matrix with Patch
18 Jan 2005 Shawna McAlearney,289142,sid14_gci1045710,00.html - (broken link) Multiple high-risk Oracle flaws
18 Nov 2004 Michael Singer - (broken link) Major Security Patch Overhaul For Oracle
20 Oct 2004 Michael Singer - (broken link) Customers Gripe About Oracle's Patch Plan
14 Oct 2004 Lisa Vaas,1759,1676500,00.asp - (broken link) Oracle Warns of Critical Exploits