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PFCLCode Features

PFCLCode is a very powerful tool that can be used to analyse the PL/SQL source code in your database for vulnerabilities across numerous classes. We dont just focus on the syntax - we do do syntax of course - but we also look at the deployment of the PL/SQL code into a schema and into the database

PL/SQL is database code so must be secured in the context of the database and we have that covered in PFCLCode.

  • Code checks: Review your PL/SQL code for hundreds of types of issues that could cause security problems
  • Vulnerability checks: Review your PL/SQL code for security issues such as resource exploitation and SQL Injection
  • Permissions: Test your PL/SQL code for permission based issues, excessive rights and more
  • Schema wide issues: Review the design of the schema for seperation of duties, good design and more
  • Dependencies: Review your PL/SQL code and check for dependencies issues such as cross contamination
  • Naming: Check for naming rules in your PL/SQL code
  • Rules: Configure the rules into rule sets and customise the scanning and analysis
  • Reporting: Produce detailed reports of all issues located and save as pdf or MS Word
  • Configuration: Specify parameters that control the rules that are used to assess your PL/SQL code to allow customisation of scanning

PFCLCode like all of our other products is built on top of the core functionality and reporting in PFCLScan. This is a deliberate decision to allow us to build on a stable code base use consistent features and functionality. This means also that you can buy a license for PFCLCode as an add on for PFCLScan or you can purchase a standalone product license for PFCLCode.