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PFCLObfuscate Articles

Originally the PFCLObfuscate product was hosted on its own Wordpress website at the domain but we have decided to bring the PFCLObfuscate content back into the main Website; hence this page.

Most of the resources on could be copied to as new pages and re-directed from the old website BUT this left the old blog posts to deal with. The old blog posts could have been posted again to the Limited blog page but this did not feel right as some of the PFCLObfuscate blogs were from some time ago. Therefore we decided to move those old blogs to as new static pages but to gather them all together here as an articles page

Any new blog posts about PFCLObfuscate will be posted to the Oracle Security blog but we may also add specific new articles here where perhaps they are bigger than a blog post or deserve to stand in their own right.

Here are the article links from the old PFCObfuscate product site (Note: slight edits may have been made to allow for the new home here):

Welcome to PFCLObfuscate

This article introduces PFCLObfuscate and looks at its development and history and also discusses our goals with the product

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PFCLObfuscate – Protect Your PL/SQL

This article covers an overview of what PFCLObfuscate does

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