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PFCLScan Scanning as a Service

As a potential customer of Limited with a need to understand the security of all of your Oracle databases you have a number of options to acheive this goal using PFCLScan as a powerful security scanning tool to assess your Oracle databases:

  • Purchase a PFCLScan license and install and scan your own databases: This is the simplest approach and cheapest as you can purchase a license for PFCLScan and then scan all of your databases and then design and build an Oracle database security policy and even create a custom report that allows you to test compliance against your own Oracle security policy using out tools
  • Ask us to scan your databases with PFCLScan - OnSite: We are able to come and scan your databases for you at your site. We do this regularly for customers as well as perform detailed audits manually of single database. We can come to your site and set up PFCLScan on our own machines or yours and scan all of your databases and produce detailed reports for you. We can aso provide a walk through of the results at the end either on your site or via a webex conference call.
  • Ask us to scan your databases with PFCLScan - Remotely: We can scan all of your databases from our offices here in York,UK. We (or you) can install PFCLScan on a PC in your network that you allow us remote access to. We need you to provide us with secure remote access to your network so that we can perform the scans of all of your databases. The Windows PC on your network needs to have network access to all of your Oracle databases. We need credentials creating in each of your Oracle databases with simple limited permissions (we can provide a script if needed). We will then set up projects in PFCLScan for all of your Oracle databases and scan them for you. We will then collate and produce reports for you; high level and detailed for each database. You can even ask us to walk you through the results or help create a specific Oracle database security policy for your site. We can provide one off scans or you can ask us to perform the scans on a regular basis (Monthly, 3-monthly, 6-monthly or even weekly). This is a great option for you as we do the work and its cost effective for you and you get a full and clear view of your Oracle databass security.
  • Ask your normal go-to Oracle DBA consulting company to run the scans for you: We have a number of reseller partners and we are growing our resellers to offer scanner licenses to you locally and also to offer value add consultancy.