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version 1.0.782.921

Release notes for version 1.0.782.921

No	Type	Description
---	-----	----------------------------------
1	CODE	Completely re-implemented the test connection functionallity
		to use a PFCLScan project. This is implemented in a generic
		fashion to in future allow plugins to be implemented as 
		PFCLScan projects
2	DOC	Documentation updated for connection testing and encryption
		of usernames and passwords.
3	CODE	The internal password cracker has been completeley re-implemented
		to improve performance and also to centralise its configuration. 
		It has also been changed to allow the loading of word files to
		be based on whether they are needed or not.It has also been 
		changed to allow more features
4	INSTALL	The default password list has been increased by over 60 new 
		default passwords.
6	CODE	The manage check screen has been updated to add more fine grained
		cracker check control.
7	CODE	Added two new utilities, "dbl" to delete blank lines via checks
		and "head" to extract the top n lines from a file or to extract
		a window of lines