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Release notes for version

No	Type	Description
---	-----	----------------------------------
1	CHECK	12.1 Updated policies for new default users
2	CHECK	12.1 Updated policies for new default roles
3	INSTALL	12.1 Updated default password list for 50 new passwords
4	CHECK	12.1 Updated various policies to use new default lists
5	CHECK	12.1 Correct Oracle account age to take status with bit flag for 
		default set
6	CHECK	12.1 Default role internal variables increased to 9 from 6
7	CHECK	12.1 Many auditor policy checks changed to use 9 default roles
8	CHECK	12.1 Libraries updated for additional default roles
9	CHECK	Version checks updated as 10.2 is no longer supported
10	CHECK	user checks updated to include common/oracle maint for 12c
11	CODE	Fixed version number source in login splash screen to use the
		application version not the individual version of the GUI binary
12	CHECK	Added COMMON and ORACLE_MAINTAINED to the account Age check
13	INSTALL	Added SQL*Plus script wca-1.sql to the installation to test 
		who_can_access used in the scanner. See the script for details.
14	CHECK	Added new check to get database version as two digits to allow most 
		checks to be customised for 10g-11g and 12c without needing seperate
		new policies for 12c
15	CHECK	Added two new checks to the pre-emp policy to drive the 12c/11g
		policies to use different cursors based on version to include or
		not include common / local privileges.
16	CHECK	Age check corrected to use new version format
17	CHECK	Oracle and customer use checks corrected to use new version format
18	CHECK	Backup policy updated to correctly specify version for transcation_auditing
19	CHECK	Added check to test for Multitennant database
20	CHECK	Test for 9.2 and earlier wrap format
21	CHECK	Added checks for new 12c Audit roles
22	CHECK	Added check for unified audit trail
23	LICENSE	Note: the EULA has changed to clarify that support is Monday-Friday not 7 days
		per week.