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Release notes for version

No	Type	Description
---	-----	----------------------------------
1	INSTALL	Added PFCL.config file to the installed package
2	CODE	Added PFCL.config configuration screen to options pages in GUI
3	CODE	New report variable added to repo (report tool) to show overall
		passed/failed in a simpler way.
4	INSTALL	The main summary report has been corrected to use a different date
		format specifier for run date.
5	CHECK	The auditor license policy has been updated.
6	CHECK	Policy check added to audit initialise to read in all of the PFCL
		config parameters so that they can be used in subsequent checks
7	CODE	Added a css formattable version of the pass/fail variable for the
		reporting tool.
8	DOC	Documented the two new report tool variables REPORTSTATUSCSS and
		REPORTSTATUS used to show whether a report passed or failed at the
		report level
9	DOC	The PFCL.config functionallity has been documented in the product
10	CHECK	Updated the title of the SYSDBA audit check to reflect its purpose
		more accurately.
11	CHECK	Check added to test if the audit trail is set to DB
12	CODE	Help added to Manage Check screen for new loop file. This is to ensure
		that the user gets the correct loop file entry.
13	CODE	Modified the ManageCheck screen to more intelligently locate the 
		correct loop file contruct in the "new" dialog box based on the internal
		check type and also the chosen type even if the check is not saved yet
14	CODE	Bug fixed in ManageCheck where the extended text editor failed to open
		for the description, why, what and how text fields.
15	CODE	Behaviour ofthe full screen text editor changed to not select all the
		text on entry and some customers accidentally deleted the text in this
16	CODE	Layout of report wizard corrected for adding customer created reports
17	CHECK	New check added to info for platform port string for use in OS checks
18	CODE	Bug fix where cancelling the "close project" save or not dialog was
		not respected as do not close the project
19	CHECK	Audit Pre-emp policy modified to support version 9.2 for a customer in 
		the returned database version
20	CHECK	Database version extraction moved to PrePre policy to allow its used
		in the info policy.
21	CHECK	Audit Infor policy changed to receive the version from the PrePre 
		policy for scanning Oracle.