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Release notes for version

No	Type	Description
---	-----	----------------------------------
1	INSTALL	PFCL.config updated to include three new parameters to allow specification
		of the PFCLScan build and data locations and also the Program Files location
		for use in external checks (DOS commands)
2	INSTALL	PFCL.config updated to include three new parameters for build ftp access
		details to be added at run time
3	INSTALL	The Start Page HTML text has been updated in the staticstartpage HTML
4	INSTALL	Company Image added to the install for the start page
5	INSTALL	Dynamic start page updated on web site download site to same style as the
		static page
6	INSTALL	Dynamic start page changed to include a full path to the logo
7	INSTALL	StaticStartPage.htm converted into a repo template to allow the logo path
		to be added.
8	INSTALL	StaticStartPage.htm removed from install
9	INSTALL	install.conf updated to include entry to process StaticStartPage.htm
10	CODE	crypto.dll created to allow PFCLScan-OEM to process credentials
11	INSTALL	Build tools (std and OEM) updated to include crypto.dll
12	INSTALL	Installer updated to include crypto.dll
13	CODE	extract.bat updated to include crypto.dll
14	INSTALL	BuildVersionIncrement updated to latest version. 
15	INSTALL	BuildVersionIncrement configuration updated to suit new version
16	INSTALL	OEMFrame created to test the external crypto dll used by OEM installations
		to prepare and run oemrun.bat
17	INSTALL	OEMFrame added to version checker
18	INSTALL OEMFrame added to the build configuration
19	INSTALL OEMFrame added to the standard build and OEM builds
20	INSTALL	OEMFrame added to the installer
21	INSTALL	OEMFrame added to the extractor
22	CODE	oemset.bat created to set trace for the OEMFrame and cryto.dll
23	INSTALL	oemset.bat added to installer
24	INSTALL	oemset.bat added to extractor
25	CODE	oembuild.ip redesigned to include MK and encrypted credentials
26	CODE	oemscan.pfcl.tem updated for GUID and MK fields to sync with .safe version
27	CODE	oemscan.pfcl.tem updated to allow for field substitution for MK
28	CODE	updateoem.pfp updated to also process MK fields