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Release notes for version

No	Type	Description
---	-----	----------------------------------
1	CODE	application.tem corrected for the path to the master plugins file
2	CODE	app.tem changed to specify the product version as a template variable
3	INSTALL	Advanced installer software updated
4	CODE	Plugin host interface added
5	CODE	Plugin client interface added
6	INSTALL	Added host plugin interface dll to the installation
7	INSTALL	Added client plugin interface dll to the installation
8	CODE	OracleConnect.plg edited to add version
9	CODE	ServerConnect.plg edited to add version
10	INSTALL	Simple test plugin TestPlugin.plg added to installer
11	CODE	PluginsManager initialised in the main program
12	CODE	Low level console debug added for debugging routines before the PFCLScan
		GUI starts up
13	CODE	pfcl.bat and pfclset.bat updated to include raw trace settings
14	CODE	Added trace to the OS for use in core GUI before the GUI is loaded.