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Release notes for version

No	Type	Description
---	-----	----------------------------------
1	INSTALL	New extract tool added to allow a light command line install to 
		be created from a standard install. 
2	INSTALL	Policy status files added for new scan based plugin
3	INSTALL	run11.bat created from run10.bat so that it can be executed
                from the PFCLScan Bin directory to run OEM command line
4	INSTALL	New project template added for the OEM scan output XML report
5	INSTALL	New project for the oemscan project added to the installer
6	INSTALL	installextract.conf added to support child install creation
7	INSTALL	oembuild.pfcl.tem added for the OEM Build plugin - that adds 
		credentials to the plugin scan project
8	INSTALL	new csv policy and status added for the OEM Build project
9	INSTALL	new project update policy and status added for OEM Build project
10	INSTALL	oembuild.tem output report added for the oembuild plugin
11	INSTALL	oemrun.bat added to install to execute the initialise plugin
		and the scanner plugin
12	INSTALL	New project report template for a full scan created to output
		a complete XML report rather than a HTML report.