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Release notes for version

No	Type	Description
---	-----	----------------------------------
1	CODE	Remove hardcoded OracleConnect plugin.
2	CODE	Remove hardcoded ServerConnect plugin.
3	CODE	Rewritten internal project handler to use generic plugin API.
4	CODE	OracleConnect now uses generic plugin specified the plugins configuration.
5	CODE	ServerConnect now uses generic plugin specified the plugins configuration.
6	CODE	Fixed server connection buttons.
7	CODE	Disabled unimplemented controls on plugin options screen.
8	CODE	Changed button text from "Run Plugins" to "Run Hook" on plugin options screen.
9	CODE	Implemented run hook functionality.
10	CODE	Ticket #522564 - Fixed layout rendering on startup.
11	CODE	repo.exe - Updated to support a new variable vChkCat to allow reports
		to focus only on specific categories. Needed for the single page score
12	CODE	repo.exe - Copyright notice corrected
13	CODE	repo.exe - vChkSub variable added for later addition
14	CODE	Split the run plugin function to enable running plugins without adding them to a hook.
15	CODE	Added the run plugin dialog.
16	CODE	Implemented run plugin functionality.
17	INSTALL	TestPlugin.pfcl.tem added to the installation.
18	INSTALL	init.pfp added to the installation.
19	INSTALL	init.pfs added to the installation.
20	INSTALL install.conf updated to install TestPlugin.
21	INSTALL TestPlugin.tem added to the installation.
22	CODE	Hidden old debug options from the project wizard.
23	CODE	Added plugin option to the project wizard.
24	INSTALL Added Plugins directory to project templates.
25	INSTALL Added plugin template file to Plugins directory.
26	INSTALL Edited application.tem to allow internal projects.
27	DOC	Updated manual to cover plugins functionality.
28	CODE	Added plugin log window.
29	CODE	Made log windows read-only.