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Release notes for version

No	Type	Description
---	-----	----------------------------------
1	CODE	Changed project close dialog to display the name of the project.
2	CODE	Ticket #336579 - refreshing dashboard will now display a message box instead of running
		a plugin when a project is open.
3	CODE	Ticket #336579 - reports will now open in text editor by default (changed from web browser).
4	CODE	Running a plugin will now set the run flag.
5	CODE	Projects won't open while the run flag is set.
6	INSTALL	CmdLine.dll added to the installer.
7	CODE	CmdLine.dll - added to the copy script.
8	CODE	CmdLine.dll - uncommented protection section in build script.
9	CODE	Modified InstallRepo for flags.
10	CODE	PFCLObfuscate checks for plugin output using OBREF hook now.
11	CODE	Changed hook names and descriptions for PFCLAppOptions connections.
12	CODE	PFCLScan - added customisable templates to auditor and auditorlinux projects.
13	CODE	PFCLScan - added custom report form to the main ribbon menu.
14	CODE	PFCLScan - added CRGEN plugin hook.
15	INSTALL	single_db_cust.tem - added to the installer.
16	INSTALL single_db_cust_pop.tem - added to the installer.
17	INSTALL	multiple_db_cust.tem - added to the installer.
18	INSTALL multiple_db_cust_pop.tem - added to the installer.
19	CODE	application.tem - Updated hook and plugin IDs.
20	CODE	PFCLScan - added a plugin to generate custom report.
21	CODE	install.conf - updated to add the custom report plugin template.
22	INSTALL	CustRepo.pfcl.tem - added to the installer.
23	INSTALL	CustRepo.plg - added to the installer.
24	INSTALL	CustRepo.tem - added to the installer.
25	INSTALL	CustGenerateReportTemplate.pfp - added to the installer.
26	INSTALL	CustGenerateReportTemplate.pfs - added to the installer.
27	INSTALL	CustListSeverities.pfp - added to the installer.
28	INSTALL	CustListSeverities.pfs - added to the installer.
29	CODE	PFCLScan - updated cracker project to include database summary reports.
30	CODE	Engine log now saved after each scan and report run.
31	CODE	Engine log now saved on exit.
32	CODE	Plugin log now saved on exit.
33	CODE	PFCLScan - added after scan hook (ASCAN).
34	CODE	PFCLScan - added after report hook (AREPO).
35	CODE	PFCLScan - added after window open hook (AOPEN).