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Why Not Do a Security Audit Of Your Oracle Database?

We have been very busy recently with teaching lots of Oracle Security training classes and performing Oracle Security Consultancy including security audits and of course most importantly in development, sales and support of our products including PFCLScan and PFCLObfuscate.

One thing that has really struck us recently is the up-surge in customers purchasing "engagement licenses" for PFCLScan. We have had third party consultants buy licenses to audit their customers databases and also customers DBA and internal security teams to perform their own internal audits.

What is an "engagement license"?.

The PFCLScan software is exactly the same as Pro and Enterprise licenses. You can install PFCLScan on one PC and you can scan as many Oracle databases as you wish BUT within the 30 day license period. The software is limited to stop working after the 30 day period BUT as the output reports that you can produce are HTML or XML or even MS Word formats then these can all be accessed even after the license has expired. BUT you cannot view them any longer from within PFCLScan but they are still available.

We do not charge for each Oracle database scanned; we charge only for the license to install PFCLScan and use it from one PC.

Because of our very competitive license fee of £110 GBP (+VAT if applicable) it makes sense to license PFCLScan on an engagement license at least initially to get a quick overview of your current Oracle database security on one, two or many Oracle databases. It is great value!!, have a look to day and consider buying a license yourself. Purchase details on our PFCLScan buy page.