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License Limited are Resellers

Our company is a reseller of Searchlight, which is owned and produced by Custom Computer Programs Limited. We want the process to purchase a licence for Searchlight to be similar to that of purchasing our products. If you would like to purchase a licence or organise a demo then please contact us in the first instance. We will process the sale and deliver the licensed software to you. The software is delivered as a single extractable zip file and needs to be activated after installation and first use. The EULA also needs to be accepted when the software is used for the first time.

Searchlight License

Searchlight is licensed on an annual subscription basis. After the subscription period ends you will be invited to renew, if you choose not to renew then you will no longer be able to use Searchlight.

We have created a simple license model for annual licensing of PFCLCode:

License Installations Term License Fee
Standard 1 1 year £995
Professional 1 1 year £1,495
Enterprise 1 1 year £4,995

  • The payment can be made by Bank transfer or by credit card. If you choose to pay by credit card there is a 6% fee. Ask us about payment methods
  • The license fee is quoted in GBP (British Pounds) and is net of any VAT, which will be added where appropriate
  • If the licensee (the person or company buying a license) is not resident in the UK then they are the importer of record and the licensee is fully responsible for ensuring that the imported goods comply with local laws and regulations and that the purchase is in full compliance with the laws of the country the goods are imported and that all local import duties and taxes in respect to the goods are paid
  • If the licensee (the person or company buying a license) is not resident in the UK then there may be import duties and / or taxes due on the goods in the licensees country. Limited is not responsible for these charges and we do not estimate or calculate what these charges may be. We expect the full license fee quoted above to be received by us. If taxes such as WHT (WithHoldingTax) are retained in the licensees country then they MUST pay a license fee + WHT so that Limited receive the full license fee above. Please speak to us before paying to ensure that the invoice reflects the correct fee + WHT
  • If you do not renew the annual license for Searchlight after it expires you cannot continue to use it.
  • Searchlight product support is included in the license fee but not consulting or training. We can provide these for a fee, please talk to us at
  • All major and minor updates are available for free whilst you are fully licensed
  • We provide regular updates as well as new features and functionality
  • All support is remote only via our support ticket website or our support email provided during the download. As we are resellers we will then pass support requests to the vendor unless we can process them ourselves. We do not make site visits

We have a number of different licenses; these are discussed next:

Standard License

The Standard licence lasts for one year, can only be installed on one PC and has the same features as the Pro license except the following:

  • Multi-Search
  • Option to create a Zip File of all of the found files
  • Search find actions - to run commands on found data

Professional License

The Professional licence lasts for one year and can only be installed on one PC.

Enterprise License

This licence includes all of the features of the Standard and Pro licences but, in addition, has the ability to scan a large number of remote computers via deployed agents.

The Enterprise license license fee contains the ability to create 10 agents that can be installed on 10 remote PC/ Windows servers and controlled from the installation of searchlight. For higher numbers of agents please contact us for a price.

Consultant based data Audit

The normal licences (Standard and Professional) allow you to install the software in your own company, on your own machines and to search for your own data.

A Searchlight licence can only be used to scan the network/files of the company that purchased the licence and as detailed in the licence panel on Searchlight’s main screen. Please speak to us for details on how you as a consultant can provide data audits for your customers. Email to discuss licensing options.

How to Buy

To purchase Searchlight send an email to with a requirement of how many licenses you wish to purchase. Ideally this should be a purchase order or similar. We will issue an invoice and when payment is received create a licensed copy of Searchlight for you and a download link and support login.

When you receive the download URL you will be able to download and install the software. Once installed a key is generated the first time you use the software and this should be supplied to support to get an activation code.

We also require potential purchasers to not use generic email addresses as we cannot send out activation codes to these types of email address.

The purchaser is the importer of record and is responsible for ensuring that the license purchase is fully compliant with all local laws and taxes.

The EULA is available to review by you in advance of purchasing by emailing us. See the contact page. Please note we do not normally make any requested changes to the EULA. We will take all proposed changes into consideration but reserve the right to pass on any legal fees to you before doing so.

We can accept payment by bank transfer or by Credit card. if you would like to pay by card the we need to add a small fee to cover the card processing fees. Ask us first and we can arrange that for you