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Searchlight Version RoadMap

We want to describe here the product roadmap planned into the near future and further ahead tentatively so that customers can get an idea of what is being worked on and where the product is heading.

Please check back regularly for updates to the Searchlight product roadmap. We will update this page regularly as we make progress and release new versions. As with all roadmaps; this is not a legal statement of intent. We plan new features, changes and updates and we would like to show here where we are planning to head but this is not a legal commitment to add a feature or change or whatever to the product; its an indication of where we would like to go and we would like to share that; so please read with this understanding. Oracle call this a safe harbour; its similar without the legal speak. This is where we would like to end up and we will work towards it but until a feature is released then don't count on it.

Please note that there may be point releases between each of the major releases so some features maybe released into a point release as and when they are ready.

Here is a list of the changes, features, bug fixes, content that we would like to add in new versions: