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Oracle Security Research Limited offer an Oracle security research service to clients and customers.

Our company has many years of experience in performing research in the area of Oracle Security for many clients as private research and also publicly for many publications and websites.

We are available to perform research for clients. This can take many forms and is not limited by any ideas placed here. If in doubt then please contact us for details, we can probably help you. Limited can perform the following types of research:

  • Reverse engineering
  • Product assessment and reviews in the area of Oracle security
  • In depth investigations of database features, functions and more to assist clients in assessing solutions.
  • White paper writing
  • Custom private presentations to all levels of the business from technical through to senior managers. Pete Finnigan is available to speak at events such as breakfast briefings, business lunches and more.
  • More, just ask...

Any company who feels that they could offer complimentary services to Limited's own services and would like to become a partner for Limited to offer their services in the UK should contact in the first instance. Also any company who would like to offer some of Limited's services in another country should also contact