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Oracle Security Policy Development Limited offer an Oracle security policy development service to clients and customers. Policies can take any number of forms and can span small areas (such as database authentication) or larger areas such as an Oracle database hardening guide. Policies can also take varied forms such as the more traditional documents, policies for commercial database security scanners or SQL and PL/SQL check scripts, or even custom development. Limited has experience in all of these areas.

We have extensive experience in creating many types of Oracle security related policies for many customers. These range from:

  • Oracle Security Policy
  • Oracle basline standards
  • Oracle lockdown stanards
  • Scripts and policies for commercial tools such as PFCLScan
  • Audit trail policy or high level designs
  • Change control policy
  • Incident response and breach policy for the Oracle database

How Does This Service Work?

We follow the same basic process when helping customers design and write security policies related to their Oracle databases. These steps can be laid out as follows:

  • We hold an initial meeting with the client to understand their budget and their goals and to discuss the initial layout and structure of the policy and its style. This initial meeting allows us to then develop and scope a policy that can be acheived and fully implemented in every database.
  • We need the clients input to thge proposed list of measures at a high level sentence based approach - for instance for an Oracle database security policy - the client may wish to include company wide assess and use controls. Perhaps the client is also interested to include measures to control DBA access to the database. The clients initial list can be supplied to us as an email or document.
  • We next prepare a draft of the events or countermeasures that will be in the policy (dependant on the policy type of course). including the clients requests and also our controls that are influenced by our intial meetings. Our aim is to create a policy that is pragmatic and completely implementable. We firmly beleive that there is no point in creating a policy that is impossible to implement and measure against.
  • We supply a draft copy of the policy for the client to pre-read.
  • We next have a meeting with the clients security team and management and the relevant team that will implement the policy (This may be DBAs internally or external contractors or even developers for some policies). We walk through the policy and discuss each countermeasure to make sure everyone understands them and that they are sufficient to increase the security level of the systems the policy relates to and also that they are fully implementable and the team agrees that this is the case
  • Any final changes and ammendments are made by us to the policy
  • The policy is handed over and signed off
  • The implementation team should now fully implement the policy in a small test group of databases to ensure that it acheives what is intended and that it can be implemented fully. Limited can also help with this phase in terms of helping define and roll out measures and creating proof of concepts.

Next Steps

Please email to book this service, to discuss your individual requirements, to get more details or to discuss partnering with Limited. We will be pleased to hear from you.