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Oracle Security Training Course in York 2018

York City Walls

Pete Finnigan is going to teach four exciting days of training covering many aspects of Oracle Security spread over three different Oracle Security training classes and spread over 4 days. The training event will consist of our two day class - How to Perform a Security Audit of an Oracle Database and two one day classes - Secure Coding in PL/SQL and Oracle Incident Response and Forensics (The first time this class will be taught in York). The first and second classes are very popular for private classes and along with the Forensics class we want to now offer these as a public event in Pete Finnigan's home city of York, England.

(2 Days) How to perform a Security Audit of an Oracle Database

During the How to perform an audit class we start with looking at why data can become insecure and how this is affected by the way the database works itself, how we as customers of Oracle make data insecure in our designs, methods and processes used and then how hackers can attack and steal data. We go on to plan a security audit and then walk through a complete sample security audit and then place the results into the context of securing all of the data held and processed by the customer

The course flyer is available Here....

“It really was an excellent course that crammed a lot into two days, delivering a good understanding of the fundamental security risks and flaws around the data in an Oracle database and providing the knowledge and skills required to carry out a database security audit from first principals”

-- M.C, Information security and assurance provider, UK

The class is interspersed with lots of real life experience in the area of Oracle security by one of the few people who performs detailed security audits of Oracle databases worldwide. Lots of anecdotes, wisdom and real life!

(1 Day) Secure Coding in PL/SQL

We start of by looking at the overall problem space of secure coding. A good secure PL/SQL application is not just about syntax and avoiding SQL Injection but is also about good design and good practices around separation and privileges. The main thrust of the class is to walk through every type of code attack that is possible in PL/SQL and then to focus on the solutions that you can use for good solid secure coding. We then explore best practice around encryption and also protecting IPR in your code and context base coding. The day concludes with a look at code analysis and looking for vulnerabilities in your own PL/SQL.

(1 Day) Oracle Incident Response and Forensics

This is an exciting class based on the same content as my book written a few months ago and published by Apress. The class starts with the basics around what is an incident, what is a breach and then quickly moves to discuss incident response, planning and creating a policy, plan, a team and tools that can be used. We then look at what artefacts can be gathered from an Oracle database and from the server and from peripheral other devices. We then look at a sample incident and do live analysis and gather all of the data needed to establish if an attack is real, what the time time is and what live data we need to gather. We then look at performing forensic analysis to answer the basic questions; was there an attack? when did it start and when did it end? how did they get in? who did they connect as? What data did they see or steal? and what could they have done with more skills?

You can choose to attend all three classes over four days or any of the classes, it is up to you to choose.

Location And When

The Merchant Adventurers Hall, York

The Oracle Security seminar is being held in the historic Roman and Viking city of York in our office, Tower Court, 3 Oakdale Road, York, YO30 4XL. The venue is easy to find on the north side of York close the ring road and not far from the city center and detailed maps and joining instructions will be provided before the event.

York is a very historic and interesting city and we hope to show any of the delegates [those who are interested of course] around the city during the evening of the first day. There are lots of interesting sites, buildings, large gothic churches, railways, roman ruins, roman walls....

Four days of classes will be held in July 2018 and August 2018. The classes are as follows:

Date Training Class
4th July 2018 How to perform a security audit of an Oracle Database - day 1
5th July 2018 How to perform a security audit of an Oracle Database - day 2
28th August 2018 Secure Coding in PL/SQL
29th August 2018 Oracle Incident Response and Forensics

“The course was to the point, dealt with security auditing specifically. Extremely knowledgeable and pragmatic.”

“It was a great oppertunity to learn directly from Pete”

-- C.N, Large Motor Manuf, USA

Come and learn about the securing your own precious data in a beautiful and historic Roman and Viking city. A city in fact with three names; the Romans called it Eboracum, the Vikings called it Jorvik and we now call it York.

Price And Whats Included

This is a unique set of 2 day and 1 day events; The training class materials are provided. You must make your own travel and accomodation arrangements - more details are provided in the joining instructions or by contacting us. Any assistance needed with bookings can be provided but travel and accomodation must be booked by the delegate.

“Thany you very much!”

“Excellent presentation, vast knowledge on the subject”

-- P.P, Consulting Company, Finland

Each course also includes professionally printed manuals and an exclusing USB thumb drive that includes the pdfs of the course notes (approximately 300 page book of content for the two day class and 130 page book for each one day class) from each of the classes attended and a download including scripts, free tools and examples.There are approximately 150 free scripts and tools include many thousands of lines PL/SQL for each class. These tools are used by us in our work and are not toys. The course also includes tea / coffee during the breaks and also lunch is provided.

The seminar cost is £800 GBP per person for the two day class and £400 per person for each one day class. As each class is taught in the UK there is also UK VAT @20% to add to the training fees.

To secure your place at any of these public training events then please register by emailing in the first instance and we will be happy to help you secure your place.

Places are going to be limited to keep the classes as intimate as possible.


Registration is easy; Register and secure your place simply by emailing

All fees must be paid in advance. You will be sent an invoice that must be paid before the training takes place. Payment can be made by bank transfer (BACS wire transfer) or by credit card via PayPal - If PayPal card payment is required you do not need a PayPal account; we will send you a PayPal link to allow you to pay by credit card.

Would You Like This Class At A Different Location, Like to Partner?

Please email to book this training course on site or to book a place on a public training event. Also contact us to discuss your individual requirements or to discuss partnering with Limited. We will be pleased to hear from you.