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Correction Strategy and Checking Service

You have just had a database security audit of one or more or all of your Oracle databases. This could be with our unique and very in depth Oracle Security Audit Service aimed at a very detailed review of one or possibly two databases with the purpose of learning as much as possible about your current database security stance so that you can design and build the best security possible for your Oracle databases. Conversely you may have a security policy already that perhaps needs updating or maybe you don't have one yet so need to create one but you have taken the step to perform vulnerability scanning of all of your Oracle databases using our quick Oracle Security Audit service. The next step should be to create a strategy to lockdown and secure all of your Oracle databases. The steps at a very high level are:

  • Perform a security audit of at least one Oracle database
  • Review the report and findings
  • review and assess any existing Oracle database or general security policies in the organisation
  • Decide on the severity / risk / threats / timescales and budgets that should be considered as part of securing all your Oracle databases
  • Develop and plan strategic and tactical fixes (Strategic: means a fix that will work in all databases; Tactical: means a specific fix in one database)

How Can We help You? Limited are very experienced in all phases of securing data in an Oracle database and we can assist with the planning, testing and development of fixes as well as help in the creation of security policies and automated scanning and compliance testing. We have a pragmatic approach to securing data and our solutions are always stable but creative and we focus on spending the least budget for the best gain in security of your data. It is important to us to make sure that your money is spent wisely.

Next Steps

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