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Quick Audit

Oracle Security Quick Audit Service

Whether you have one Oracle database or ten thounsand Oracle databases under your control you must test security compliance of those databases against your internal security standards not just because of recent data laws such as GDPR but also because of the ever rising threat of data breaches. You MUST understand the current security posture of your databases and this MUST be an ongoing activity to ensure that your databases are secure and you KNOW how well they are secured. We can help you with this process of scanning many Oracle databases for security issues. We have extensive experience scanning databases for security vulnerabilities.

As well as our world renouned Detailed Oracle Security Audit Service we are also able to offer less intensive security audits of your Oracle databases. These types of Oracle security audit are more suited to automated scanning of lots of databases or specific and targetted scanning of all of your databases. Our detailed audit service is best suited is to learn as much as possible about your current data security to enable you to then decide on how best to update your current Oracle database security policy or to create one if you do not have one ready prepared.

Our quick Oracle Security audit is not a worse or inferior audit than the detailed service; it is targetted to the specific Oracle security policy that you have defined for your organisation. In this way we can help you assess how compliant all of your Oracle databases are against your own Oracle database security policy.

This service is targetted at scanning all databases and as such is not done manually. We use our brilliant database vulnerabilty scanner for Oracle called PFCLScan. This means that we can audit tens or hundreds or thousands of your Oracle databases for you or we can help you set it up so that you can do it yourselves. The service is very flexible from us doing everthing to you doung everything and anything in between. So we can set up PFCLScan for you to run and you can review and act upon the reports and results or you can install and set up the scanner your self. Also as an inbetween service you could run the scans and we can help and advise on the results. The service is as flexible as you need; just ask for details and we will be happy to advise.

How Does It Work

This service is very flexible and can be tailored and customised to your needs and has the following high level options:

  • Install our Database Security scanner for Oracle - PFCLScan on a suitable Windows PC that can access all of your databases
  • Create a suitable database account in each target database; the permissions needed are minimal and we can provide a suitable creation script.
  • Create a customised report for PFCLScan that matches your documented Oracle security policy. See below for more details
  • Scan all of your datbases for compliance against the policy; we can offer a simple score for each database and we can also show all of the detailed issues located
  • Enable scanning on a regular basis
  • Analyse the results and take appropriate actions; we are here to help and advise on suitable strategies to secure all of your databases

We can help as much or as little with these tasks as you need; just ask for details of how we can help you.

Customised Oracle Database Security Policy

When it comes to scanning all of your databases to detect security issues or to assess compliance against your own internal policies then there are a number of approaches that we can help you with - All of these approaches use to book this service, to discuss your individual requirements, to get more details or to discuss partnering with Limited. We will be pleased to hear from you.