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Pete Finnigan's Oracle Security Weblog

This is the weblog for Pete Finnigan. Pete works in the area of Oracle security and he specialises in auditing Oracle databases for security issues. This weblog is aimed squarely at those interested in the security of their Oracle databases.

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Colin Maxwell talks about the issues of encrypting binary attachments

I saw yesterday Colins weblog post titled "Securing Binary Data in today's world" which looked quite interesting so I went and read the post. Colin talks about the issues of how it is possible to sign and encrypt documents (binary attachments) in web services using JDeveloper. Colin gives links to some good papers and goes on to suggest that until apart from using the simple base64Binary XSD type in webservices there is not much else that can be done. Colin also talks about MTOM and then gives some example code. An interesting discussion, again it is here.