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Pete Finnigan's Oracle Security Weblog

This is the weblog for Pete Finnigan. Pete works in the area of Oracle security and he specialises in auditing Oracle databases for security issues. This weblog is aimed squarely at those interested in the security of their Oracle databases.

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The JHeadstart blog talks about J2EE authentication and authorization with JHeadstart

I saw an interesting post on the JHeadstart teams blog about 10 days ago posted by Sandra Muller. The blog entry is called - (broken link) J2EE Authentication and Authorization with JHeadstart. Sandra announced a new document called How To Add J2EE Authentication and Authorization to a JHeadstart Application that explains how to set up J2EE authentication and authorization with JHeadstart using as much of (in Sandra's words) OC4J, Struts, ADF BC and JHeadstart. Sandra also tells us that a new article will be published soon describing how to do authorisation and authentication with your own user/role tables. I will watch out for it.