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Pete Finnigan's Oracle Security Weblog

This is the weblog for Pete Finnigan. Pete works in the area of Oracle security and he specialises in auditing Oracle databases for security issues. This weblog is aimed squarely at those interested in the security of their Oracle databases.

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There is a newer version of the orabf Oracle password cracker available

I have been looking at password crackers this week and found that there is a new version of the orabf Oracle password cracker available, this is version 0.7.6. Its a small upgrade from the last time i reported anew vesion here. The site was working yesterday but it seems flakey tonight so keep trying if you dont get through. This is a good password cracker and worth using in conjunction with Alex's checkpwd. Checkpwd doesnt do brute force but 0rm's orabf does. orabf is very fast. I like Alex's checkpwd for the reason that it also can connect to the database and get the usernames and hashes directly. If we could combine the two it would be great!