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Pete Finnigan's Oracle Security Weblog

This is the weblog for Pete Finnigan. Pete works in the area of Oracle security and he specialises in auditing Oracle databases for security issues. This weblog is aimed squarely at those interested in the security of their Oracle databases.

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Announcement: Oracle Security Training in Washington DC, March 25-26 2010

In conjunction with our recent partnership with - (broken link) 1 Security Solutions Applied we are happy to announce a new public training event which is run by both companies. We are offering an oppertunity for students to experience the Limited two day seminar - (broken link) How to security audit an Oracle database. The class will be held in the Washington DC area on March 25th and March 26th 2010.

There is currently an early bird price of $1,199 and interest in the class is strong. Please - (broken link) register your intentions to attend here and if you would like any further information please feel free to contact me here or 1 Security Solutions Applied. My contact email is on my contact page and ! Security Solutions Applied is on theirs. This is a great oppertunity to learn the techniques used by experts in auditing and securing Oracle databases.