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This is the weblog for Pete Finnigan. Pete works in the area of Oracle security and he specialises in auditing Oracle databases for security issues. This weblog is aimed squarely at those interested in the security of their Oracle databases.

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Oracle Security WebSite Woes!

For the last week some of you may have noticed issues with our website as at times it failed completely or was giving 403 errors even where there was no protected regions of the site and at some other times the forum was not working when you tried to access forum posts. Also the "visitors on line" tag line was showing an error. The issue related to a failing disk on the server that our site is hosted on. We tried to work around this to avoid a full site migration and full rebuild for a while to no avail and now finally yesterday the website has been moved to a new server, new disks of course and is now fully migrated and working again properly. Well the public side is working, we still have some admin functions to get running again.

So if you found we were not live in the last week, sorry for that and hopefully you can now find what you are looking for. The site is back.

Our products PFCLOBfuscate to protect and secure PL/SQL and our database scanner PFCLScan are on seperate websites and hosts so these were not affected.

My company started with my website a long time ago, indeed the site existed before the company hence it made a good vehicle to use as my limited companies name and so my company was born just over ten years ago using the name of my existing website. The website still has the look and feel of a private persons website collecting information on Oracle security and of course talking about Oracle security. i have been reluctant to change that over the years as in one sense I like the approach that we live and breath Oracle security but we also sell training, securty audits of Oracle databases and also consulting and design around areas such as Oracle Label Security, Virtual Private Database, Fine Grained Audit, encryption, Security controls and well indeed anything related to Oracle Security.

Also we have created our two software products PFCLObfuscate to protect PL/SQL and SQL and also PFCLScan to scan and test databases for security compliance. We also have two other software products coming soon.... more details about those later....

We have been very successful over the years providing Oracle Security services, training and products from a company named after my website and also to a lot of big and small clients worldwide but with a site that looks a little more like a personal site. I have been mulling over recently that we should make it look more professional (Note: to people cold selling web design and seo services this is not an invitation to offer these to me!!!) and more product/service oriented and remove the big picture of myself. smile,

I will let you know what we decide and finally if anyone finds any area of the site still broken that we have missed please let me know.

Bye for now!

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June 12th, 2013 at 05:04 pm

Pete Finnigan says:

The "personal touch" is what service is all about. You might consider both approaches, the bland "professional" site for bland IT suits, and this kind of site to build your tribe, as ( ) Seth Godin puts it. Another way to put it, the Pete Finnigan brand has value.

June 13th, 2013 at 08:30 am

Pete Finnigan says:

Thanks for your comment Joel; You have hit the nail on the head; i do have a brand and that is my name/site and i cannot really change that brand and thats why i have not made a major corporate change to the site to make it look more commercial. It has not really hit my business, in fact the opposite; the site still drives customers to my door even though it does not have that clean corporate feel. So yes you are right my brand does have value. This is why i set up seperate sites for the software products so that they can have more of a corporate feel without re-structuring this site.

Thanks for your insight Joel!